ACL Tear/Reconstruction

The ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, is a ligament joining the front middle part of the tibia to the back lateral part of the middle femur. Its function is to hold the knee together during twisting activities. The most common way of tearing the ACL is landing or twisting awkwardly. People typically feel a pop and notice a significant amount of early swelling. About half of the people with an ACL tear also damage other parts of their knee (cartilage or meniscus). 

Unfortunately, ACL tears do not heal on their own and may cause rotational instability. The rotational instability typically occurs when you plant your foot and twist. Since the instability episodes may cause further knee damage (meniscus or cartilage tears) ACL reconstruction surgery would likely be of benefit.

That being said, the initial treatment of an ACL tear is re-establishing full range of motion, good quad control, a normal gait pattern and resolution of the swelling. The same holds true for the initial therapy if ACL reconstruction is eventually performed. 

The exercises in these videos are designed to return your knee to normal function if you have just torn your ACL or have just received ACL reconstruction surgery.

Watch This Video For How To Manage Or Rehabilitate
ACL Tear/Reconstruction

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