ATTENTION Knee Surgeons And Rehabilitation Professionals:

The Secret To Get Nearly 100% Patient Compliance After Knee Surgery…

And Get Better Recovery Outcomes Than Any Other Rehab Method!

“I’m excited to show you our revolutionary knee rehab tool, the “LRU Pillow,” and Unified Protocol that gets all staff onboard, can achieve higher patient compliance, and better outcomes over any other knee rehab method!”

– Scott Johnson, PT, Co-Founder
MSM Products LLC

” I had my first knee replaced and I used the CPM machine. My second knee I used the LRU Pillow. What a difference! The pillow was so easy to use. I could rest anywhere I wanted around my house. I was able to control my swelling and my knee is completely straight. I am able to walk without a limp. I couldn’t be more pleased. ”  –  Dorothy, age 64

Why The LRU Pillow Gets Nearly 100% Patient Compliance…

And The Secret Sauce That Keeps All Hospital Staff Unified!

Your 1st Main Problem

Doctor, Nurse, Staff Don’t Follow The Same Protocol After Surgery Which Leads To Confused Staff/Patients And Undesirable Patient Healing.

Our Solution

Our RIET Protocol is a unified approach so all doctors and staff work together with a well defined process and outcome. This creates a better work enviroment for staff, reduces mistakes, and produces better results for patients.

Your 2nd Main Problem

Cumbersome Or Antiquated Machines/Tools Stop Patients From Following Instructions. 

Our Solution

LRU Pillow is simple, lightweight, and can be used practically anywhere thereby keeping patients compliant longer. They get better outcomes, you get very satisfied patients.

Your 3rd Main Problem

Patient’s Knees Not Healing Correctly Preventing Restoration Of Full Range Of Motion Causing Pain And Limping.

Our Solution

LRU Pillow combined with Unified RIET Protocol helps more patients to achieve full range of motion to prevent limping and pain.

Why You’ll Benefit From Our Unified RIET Protocol

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Here’s How LRU Pillow Works To Achieve The Best Outcomes

  • Holds Your Leg In The Correct Position and prevents movement to help your knee heal straight, which gets you back enjoying your favorite activities without pain.
  • Controls Swelling with the 20 degree incline which reduces pain and shortens healing time.
  • Restores Full Range Of Motion as the pillow’s shape holds the leg fully extended keeping a passive stretch in the back of the knee so you don’t have to limp the rest of your life.
  • Made of Lightweight foam for easy portability. Vinyl Coated Option provides easy cleaning for reuse.

“LRU Pillow & Unified RIET Protocol Does What Others Cannot Do”

Check Out What Your Peers Are Saying

See What Patients Are Saying About The LRU Pillow…

“I don’t know why everyone doesn’t rehabilitate their knees the way you do. I had both of my knees replaced and I have much better range of motion and walk much better than anyone else I know that has had their knee replaced.”

Don, age 67

“When I had my 2nd ACL surgery after the first one failed, it was tremendously more easy. Your approach to the exercises and swelling control with the LRU Pillow made the difference. I’m now back living my life, doing what I want with a stable knee.”

Joe, age 35

“I had a total knee replacement done 5 years ago and the postoperative course was very difficult, 1 year ago I had my other knee replaced. This one was so much easier, thanks to the only thing that changed..the use of the LRU pillow.”

Nancy, age 60

Why We’re So Passionate About Your Patient’s Knee Rehab

LRU Pillow In The News…
And How It’s Helping Others

Frequently Asked Questions

“How long should I keep my leg in the LRU Pillow?”

Answer – If you have recently undergone a knee surgery, like a knee replacement, we recommend you keep your leg elevated while resting for the first 2 weeks. If you are not ambulating, exercising, or going to the restroom, we recommend you keep your leg elevated in the LRU Pillow. After 2 weeks, utilize the LRU Pillow as needed for 30 minutes or longer, i.e. after therapy, or being out for extended periods and your leg starts to swell. There is nothing wrong with taking breaks; however, the more you use the LRU Pillow, the more you can control your swelling to achieve the best results.

“Should I sleep with the LRU Pillow?”

Answer – If you can tolerate sleeping with the LRU Pillow, it is recommended. Sleep is important. If you cannot sleep with your leg in the LRU Pillow then remove your leg and ensure you get adequate sleep.

“Should my heel hang over the edge of the LRU pillow?”

Answer – No, you want to keep the bottom of your foot flush to the end of the pillow. The purpose of the LRU Pillow is not only to control your swelling but to encourage your knee to straighten.

“Can I use the LRU pillow in a recliner?”

Answer – Yes. The benefit of the LRU Pillow is it’s portability. You can use the pillow in bed, couch, recliner, etc.

“What if the LRU pillow is too long?”

Answer – You can cut the thin side of the pillow that is designed to be under your hip. We have found an electric knife cuts smoothly through the foam. If you don’t have an electric knife, sharp quality scissors will work.