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Tired of knee pain and missing out on activities because of your knee?  We can relate!  With this simple directed plan, you can regain the function and lose the pain!

Restore your life and your function!

No more stopping activities you enjoy because your knees are limiting you!  This guided therapy program takes you step by step through simple exercises to let you take charge of your knee health.


Our proven knee rehab system, designed by a knee surgeon and physical therapist with a combined 50+ years of experience, allows you to lessen your knee pain, regain and improve your mobility”



Worsening Pain

Change the course of your knee and your life.

Using a brace

Strengthen your knees for and stop depending on bracing.

Taking medicines

These are only a stop gap, make a meaningful change.

Getting older

You determine how well you get around.

Any knee issue

It doesn’t matter what the diagnosis is, you will make your knee better.

Money back guarantee

If not improving in one month, full money back guarantee.

What people are saying!

Karl, a physical therapist, explains how this simple, easy to follow program is better than typical outpatient therapy

Lauren, an active professional, describes how her daily pain has been eliminated and her function has returned.

Jeff, retired, reports how he returned to a fully active life following successful knee replacement

Easy to follow, home guided therapy for life without braces or medicines

Knee pain worsens without intervention, but you are in charge of your destiny!  We will show you the way!



Scott Johnson, is a physical therapist in Dayton, Ohio.  He received a dual bachelors degree in
Biological Sciences and Physical Therapy at Ohio University.

Scott has worked in an acute care setting for twenty-seven years with a focus in orthopedics. For the past fourteen years, he has been the Acute/Outpatient Orthopedic Service Line Specialist.

In this role, Scott facilitates the rehabilitation continuum of care for total joint replacements including teaching pre-operative education classes, evaluating and treating post-operative total joints during the acute hospital stay, facilitating home health total joint protocols, and ensuring the transition to outpatient physical therapy.


Specializing in knee surgery, Dr. Lawless began work as a surgeon in 2001. His work with athletes has had a profound impact on improving the recovery for his patients.

Some of his certifications include:

Board certified by American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

Certificate of Specialty Qualification in Sports Medicine
Fellow of American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons
Member of AAOS (American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery)
Member AOSSM (American Orthopedic Society of Sports Medicine)


We Understand How You Feel!


It’s hard to beat genetics and we both have a strong family history of knee problems.

That is why we have devoted our life to caring for people with knee problems.

It’s up to you to take advantage of this outstanding plan and regain your function and lose the pain.

What’s stopping you!



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