The LRU Knee Recovery Pillow



The Vinyl-Dipped LRU Knee Recovery Pillow





The LRU knee recovery pillow is a device made from a flexible polyurethane foam which is dense enough to support the lower extremity. It was designed to cradle the entire length of the lower extremity from buttock to below the foot.

The LRU Pillow helps reduce pain, allows for better range of motion, prevents a lifetime of limping, and provides compliance during and beyond a patient’s hospital stay…resulting in the best possible outcomes and high patient satisfaction.

The pillow promotes edema, or swelling, control. Edema control can reduce pain and allow for better range of motion of the knee. Getting the knee to fully extend allows for a smoother gait pattern and prevents limping.

A limp creates stress in the knee, and several other areas of the body, which can cause pain.

The ankle is secured with a wedge-shaped design to keep the leg in a neutral position, thereby encouraging knee extension.

The LRU Pillow is light-weight and portable. It can be utilized in various locations, such as bed, recliner, couch, etc.

Standard pillows have been used to elevate the leg. However, to achieve proper elevation, multiple pillows are required. Standard pillows do not maintain proper elevation, and stacked pillows easily shift, resulting in an undesirable bent knee position with the pillows under the knee or the leg rolling off to the side.

This knee rehabilitation marvel was designed by an orthopedic surgeon and a physical therapist.

The light-weight, portable, comfortable, and user-friendly characteristics of the LRU Pillow increase patient use during the critical stages of healing, resulting in the best possible outcomes and high patient satisfaction.


Place the leg on the LRU pillow in the recovery room.

Have the leg placed on the LRU pillow as often as comfortably tolerated.

Take breaks as needed.