Patellar Tendonitis Exercises

Heel Slides

Wrap a strap (such as one in the knee kit) around the middle of your foot and cross at the ankle. Grab the straps with both hands and slide your heel towards your buttocks by pulling on the straps.  Bend your knee as far as you are able.    Hold this stretch for 30 seconds. Complete the exercise by straightening your leg, tightening your thigh muscle, and pressing the back of your knee into the surface you are lying. Repeat 3 times.

Standing Quad Stretch

While standing, hold onto a countertop or chair back to assist in balance.  Bend your affected knee back by grasping your ankle with the hand of the affected side.  Bend your knee back as far as possible by pulling with your hand.  Hold for 30 seconds.  Repeat 3 times.

Sidelying Quad stretch

On a firm surface lie on your affected side.  With the opposite hand, grab your foot or ankle and your foot towards your buttocks.  You should feel a stretch from the muscles in the front of your thigh.  Hold for 30 seconds.  Repeat 3 times.

Eccentric Stepdown

Stand with your affected foot on a step or chair with a sturdy grip such as a counter in reach.  Begin by lowering your body as slowly as possible by bending your affected knee.  Maintain good form by keeping knee in line with foot and knee behind toes.  Try to make the decent last at least 3 seconds.  Once your affected foot is on the ground use the other leg to help assist to starting position and repeat.  This exercise will make your quadriceps sore.  Start with only 5 reps to help minimize the soreness.  After a few days then gradually add reps. 

Deep Tendon Massage

With your knee bent, take your fingers and rub as hard as you can tolerate on the area of the tendon that is most sore.  Continue doing this for 1 minute. 

Foam Roll

Lie on firm surface in a plank position with a foam roller, or bolster from your knee kit, under the affected quad just above the knee.  Roll your body allowing the bolster to travel up your thigh as far as possible while the weight of your body messages your tight quadriceps muscles.  Perform for one minute.

It is highly recommended to take the time to ice your knee after exercises and rest for 20 minutes.  You can purchase an ice wrap from our Knee Kit that provides cold, as well as, uniform compression around the knee.   

In addition, the knee kit contains a foam roll.

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