Arthroscopy Basic/Range of Motion Exercises

Initial Surgical Exercises Introduction

Each exercise page has four exercises focused on achieving full knee extension and full knee flexion. 

When you click on a particular day, you will be taken to another page that will begin your routine for that day.  Do all 4 exercises 4 times per day.  Once completed, click the ‘mark as complete’ tab at the bottom of the page and you will return to this page.

There is also a section for ‘Knee Pain Flare Ups’ (accessed with the button below) that you can refer to if your knee becomes irritated and swollen. However, you should follow the advice of your surgeon at this time.

Upon completion of the exercises, put the ice compression back on your knee and return to an elevated position. When you do get up to move around (i.e. to travel to rest room), refer to the tab labeled ‘gait training’ which will take you to a page explaining how to properly adjust your adaptive equipment, how to walk properly, and exercises to assist in improving the quality of your walking. 

Continue the exercises for 3 days (the day of your surgery and the 2 following days).  At that point, transition to Strengthening 01, but continue to perform your range of motion exercises. You will find that as you begin to walk more and strengthen more you may end up with additional swelling and stiffness. When this occurs, back off the strengthening and walking for a day or two and continue just with the 4 basic exercises.

Once the swelling has resolved, resume Strengthening 01 and increased activity.  Some people find that taking every other day as a “rest” day,  just working on motion and limited activity, will help prevent the episodes of increased swelling.

Mark Lesson Complete

Click On “Day 1” To Begin Range Of Motion Exercises

Then come back each day and continue with the next day’s exercises.  The goal is to perform all 4 exercises 4 times a day, once you have completed all 4 then click the mark lesson complete tab.

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3



Advance To Strengthening 01

Gait Training