Basic/Range Of Motion Exercises
Day 3

Prone Hangs

Position yourself so that you are on your stomach with your knees hanging just over the edge of the surface you are on (most commonly, a firm bed). Keep your affected knee down and place your other foot on top of the foot on your affected side to provide a gentle stretch to your knee. Hold for 3-5 seconds and repeat for 10 repetitions.

* Prone hangs may be difficult to perform.  If needed you can substitute with terminal knee extensions.

Heel Props

Place your heel on the bolster (such as one in our Knee Kit). You can be either lying or sitting; lying is a good starting place, but progress until you have done this successfully in a seated position. The goal is to completely relax your leg muscles to allow your knee to go as straight as possible.  You may feel a pull in the back or even in the front of your knee. As with all of these knee stretches, that is okay, nothing bad is happening.

While you are stretching try to tighten or contract your thigh muscles and attempt to press your knee further down.  This takes a fair amount of practice but everyone can and will be able to do it.  Progress to hold the contraction for 3-5 seconds and repeat for 10 repetitions.  On your last repetition hold the stretch for 30 seconds.  If both knees are affected, repeat with other leg.

Aim for getting your affected side as straight as the non-affected side. If both of your knees are affected, then aim for as much hyperextension as possible.

Wall Slides

Wall slides are done by lying on your back, as close to a wall as possible. Place the foot of the affected knee on the wall and allow your foot to slide down the wall while bending your knee. Once gravity has brought it down as far as possible, cross your other foot on your ankle and force your foot to slide down even further and hold for 30 seconds.

*Wall Slides may be difficult to perform.  If too difficult you can substitute with Heel Slides.  

It is highly recommended to take the time to ice your knee after your exercises.  Prop your heel on a bolster from your Knee Kit, or the LRU Pillow, and wrap the ice wrap from your Knee Kit. Rest for 20 minutes.

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