Basic/Range Of Motion Exercises
Day 4

Prone Hangs

Position yourself so that you are on your stomach with your knees hanging just over the edge of the surface you are on (most commonly, a firm bed). Keep your affected knee down and place your other foot on top of the foot on your affected side to provide a gentle stretch to your knee. Hold for 3-5 seconds and repeat for 10 repetitions.

*Prone hangs may be difficult to perform.  If too difficult you can substitute with Heel Prop Exercises.

Terminal Knee Extension

While in a seated position, place the strap (such as the one in our Knee Kit) around your arch or midfoot.  Be careful not to put it too high toward your toes or you will stretch your calf instead of focusing on your knee.  Place one hand on your thigh just above your affected knee, and with your other hand grab both ends of the strap.  Push down with your hand above the knee while you pull the strap with your other hand. The goal is to keep your thigh on the surface you are sitting on and get your heel to go up in the air as far as your non-affected heel would go.  Hold the stretch for 3-5 seconds and repeat for 10 repetitions. Again, you may feel discomfort/stretch in your knee, and that is very normal. 

Heel Slides

Fig. a

Fig. b

Wrap a strap (such as one in the knee kit) around the middle of your foot and cross at the ankle as indicated in picture above (See fig. a). Grab the straps with both hands and slide your heel toward your buttocks by pulling on the straps (See fig. b). Bend your knee as far as you are able and then straighten your knee. Complete the exercise by tightening your thigh muscle and pressing the back of your knee into the surface you are lying on. Repeat this process for the first 9 repetitions. On the tenth repetition, hold knee bent for 30 seconds; then, try to bend a little further before returning your knee back to straight.

It is highly recommended to take the time to ice your knee after your exercises.  Prop your heel on a bolster from your Knee Kit, or the LRU Pillow, and wrap the ice wrap from your Knee Kit. Rest for 20 minutes.

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