Knee Replacement

One of the most successful and quality-of-life improving surgeries is total or partial knee replacement. The surgery is designed to remove your arthritis and therefore improve your symptoms. Unfortunately, the surgery is the easy part for you; rehabbing your knee after surgery is more challenging.

Hopefully, before surgery you have begun working on some exercises to facilitate your recovery process. Exercise – that is, physical therapy – is typically then resumed or begun shortly after surgery. MSM Products provides for you a safe, step-wise progression of knee exercises designed to not only return you to your pre-surgery level of function but to far surpass it.

Initially, after a total or partial knee replacement (also called arthroplasty) your knee will go through a period of inflammation. It is during these initial 1-2 weeks that it is best to keep your leg elevated and avoid activities that further aggravate the inflammation. Aggravating activities are walking, sitting, and standing – anything where your knee is lower than your heart. It is also during these initial 1-2 weeks that you should be performing your basic exercises 4 times a day. 

Although your knee may be sore and you may not want to perform the exercises, you will be progressing your healing, and most times feel much better after the exercises. Once you have completed the basic exercises and are walking without a limp, then you will have set yourself up for a successful recovery and can progress with the other exercises.

How Do You Manage Your Partial/Total Knee

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**If you have not yet received a total knee replacement or plan to manage your arthritic knee conservatively, click the Knee Arthritis pathway to learn how to manage your knee conservatively or how to manage your knee prior to a knee replacement.

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