Put Your Best Foot Forward
By Utilizing the Best Rehab Tools

The LRU Pillow and Knee Rehabilitation Kit are early intervention tools to heal your knee correctly and maximize your range of motion. They work in concert with your knee therapy.

If you do not have a knee therapy solution you love, see if our online knee therapy program is a good fit for you.

Knee Pain Shouldn’t Put You On The Sideline Of Your Own Life

In over 25 years of serving as knee rehab experts, we found that our clients didn’t have easy enough access to the tools they needed to maximize their recovery.

Our LRU Pillow and Knee Rehabilitation Kit equip people to heal safely and thoroughly.

LRU Pillow & Custom Cover

The LRU Pillow Does What Exercise Alone Cannot Do

There are three essentials for a full knee recovery. The LRU Pillow helps you accomplish them all.


Keeping your knee in the correct position.


Preventing swelling.


Increasing range of motion.

The LRU Pillow and Pillow Cover are eligible for coverage under your Health Savings Account (HSA) as Durable Medical Equipment.

If you are undergoing knee surgery, purchase the LRU pillow before your procedure to use immediately following surgery for maximum function recovery. See instructions for more detail.

Regain knee range of motion

Ensuring you can do everything from walking without a limp to getting into your car without a hitch.

The first step is preventing inflammation before it’s too late. The LRU pillow does just this by keeping your knee in the correct position with the right elevation.

If you are preparing for knee surgery or have recently had knee surgery or a knee injury, please order this pillow quickly. Optimally, you should begin utilizing the LRU Pillow immediately following your surgery or injury. Prevention of swelling should begin by elevation and proper positioning as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About the LRU Pillow

How do I use the LRU Pillow?
  1. Place the pillow just about anywhere you will be sitting or lying such as: couch, bed, recliner, floor.
  2. Place the leg in the pillow with the bottom of the foot lined up with the end of the pillow.
  3. Use it while you’re sitting or lying and especially while sleeping.
  4. Use it as much as possible, even after exercise, to speed recovery, relieve pain, and improve your rehab results.
How long should I keep my leg in the LRU Pillow?

If you have recently undergone a knee surgery, like a knee replacement, we recommend you keep your leg elevated while resting for the first 2 weeks. If you are not ambulating, exercising, or going to the restroom, we recommend you keep your leg elevated in the LRU Pillow. After 2 weeks, utilize the LRU Pillow as needed for 30 minutes or longer, i.e. after therapy, or being out for extended periods and your leg starts to swell. There is nothing wrong with taking breaks; however, the more you use the LRU Pillow, the more you can control your swelling to achieve the best results.

Should I sleep with the LRU Pillow?

If you can tolerate sleeping with the LRU Pillow, it is recommended. Sleep is important. If you cannot sleep with your leg in the LRU Pillow then remove your leg and ensure you get adequate sleep.

Should my heel hang over the edge of the LRU pillow?

No, you want to keep the bottom of your foot flush to the end of the pillow. The purpose of the LRU Pillow is not only to control your swelling but to encourage your knee to straighten.

Can I use the LRU pillow in a recliner?

Yes. The benefit of the LRU Pillow is it’s portability. You can use the pillow in bed, couch, recliner, etc.

What if the LRU pillow is too long?

You can cut the thin side of the pillow that is designed to be under your hip. We have found an electric knife cuts smoothly through the foam. If you don’t have an electric knife, sharp quality scissors will work.

Have all the exercise supplies you need to take charge of your knee health in one toolbox.

The all-inclusive Knee Rehabilitation Kit empowers you to:


Control Swelling


Improve Range of Motion


Increase Lower Extremity Strength


Regain Balance


Become More Flexible

The components of this are critical for a successful knee recovery
and they are utilized in KneeFitIn5.

Ice/Compression Wrap

Ice is a great way to control soreness and swelling. Compression is also a proven method to control swelling. Excessive swelling can increase pain, limit knee mobility, and reduce strength. We have provided an excellent tool to control swelling using cold and compression. You have complete control over the amount of compression you provide.

Knee Strap

It is essential to actively gain full knee range of motion (under the power of your leg strength). However, sometimes you need aid to get you to your goal. The knee strap assists with full knee range of motion, both extension (knee straight) and flexion(knee bending). The knee strap also is utilized to improve your flexibility

Resistance Band

Many strengthening exercises can be done by just using your body. However, adding resistance allows for greater strengthening results. The resistance band is utilized strategically in the Knee-Fitin5 program to improve lower extremity strength


The bolster is utilized in the Knee-Fitin5 program in a simple way to assist with both strengthening and knee range of motion.

High-Density Foam Pads

The foam pads can aid in transitioning to higher-level strengthening exercises and improve higher-level balance. Balance is often overlooked but remains an essential component of functional activities.

When do I need to see a doctor for my knee pain?

Your window of opportunity for a full recovery is small. Have peace of mind that you are taking the proper steps by watching the following message from Dr. Lawless.

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