knee rehab kit image

We have created an all-inclusive kit to assist you during the rehabilitation of your knee.  The contents of this kit are designed to:
  • Control swelling 
  • Improve knee range of motion 
  • Improve lower extremity strength 
  • Improve balance
  • Improve flexibiliy                                                        
All of these components are critical for a successful knee recovery and our utilized in our Knee-Fitin5 program.  

Watch Video Below to hear about the contents of the knee rehabilitation kit.

Ice is a great way to control soreness and swelling.  Compression is also a proven method to control swelling.  Excessive swelling can increase your pain, limit your knee mobility, and reduce your strength.  We have provided a wonderful tool to control swelling by using both cold and compression.  You have full control over the amount of compression you provide.

Ice and Compression Wrap Image

It is important to gain full knee range of motion actively (under the power of your own leg strength).  However, sometimes you need aids to assist with getting you to your goal.  The knee strap is used to assist with full knee range of motion, both extension (knee straight) and flexion(knee bending).  The knee strap also is utilized to improve your flexibility

Knee Strap Image
Knee Strap Demonstration Image

Many strengthening exercises can be done with just using your body.  However, adding resistance allows for greater strengthening results.  The resistance band is utilized strategically in the Knee-Fitin5 program to improve lower extremity strength

Resistance Band Image
Resistance Band Demonstration Image

The bolster is utilized in the Knee-Fitin5 program in a simple way to assist with both strengthening, as well as knee range of motion. 

Bolster image

The foam pads can aid in the transitioning to higher level strengthening exercises, as well as improving higher level balance.  Balance is an often over looked, but remains an essential component with functional activities.

High Density Foam Pads Image