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Elevate your patients’ success stories – and your facility’s reputation – with the LRU pillow and RIET Protocol transforming knee surgery recovery.

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Discovering a tool that can benefit your facility and conveying that to your team are two different things. As your partner in patient care excellence, we’ll equip your unit with the tool knee surgery patients need to drastically improve their recovery, and we’ll provide the support you need to pitch the proven technology to your team and implement the advancement.

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Improve Patient Comfort & Outcomes

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Lead the industry for exceptional knee recovery

Most Facilities Are Unknowingly Missing the Mark When It Comes to Post-Operative Knee Care

We get it – you’re focused on exceptional knee surgery procedures, entrusting the recovery process to an aftercare team. The problem is that the moments directly after surgery can make or break your patients’ chances at reclaiming full function – and most operation teams aren’t providing the immediate post-operative care they need.

Neglecting this vital period can lead to long-term complications for your patients, such as persistent limping, increased risk of reinjury, reduced mobility,  and an inability to regain full knee strength. These issues can tarnish your surgical team’s reputation, as patients often link post-operative challenges directly to the surgery.

We believe your patients – and your facility – deserve to be better equipped.

After all, when your patients are unhappy with their recovery, that becomes your reputation.

Revolutionize Recovery

Introducing RIET Protocol and the LRU Pillow

Here’s the key to regaining full knee function: post-operative care that focuses on edema prevention immediately. Less swelling allows your patients to maximize function by promptly and aggressively working on knee flexion and extension range of motion earlier (within 1-2 weeks of operation).

After extensive research, testing, and a combined 30+ years of experience as an Orthopedic Surgeon and Knee Therapist, we discovered a game-changing aftercare process your facility can implement to improve patient outcomes and enhance your reputation for knee surgery excellence. 

It involves two components: the RIET Protocol paired with the LRU Pillow.  


the process

RIET Protocol

The foundation for a successful knee recovery is swelling control and early knee range of motion. RIET (Rest, Ice, Elevate, Therapy) Protocol prioritizes preventing inflammation before it is too late so your patients can maximize their knee function post-surgery.

the tool

LRU Pillow

While CPM, pillows, and foam blocks can undoubtedly elevate your patient’s knee, they do not effectively hold the knee in terminal extension. The scientifically designed and proven LRU Pillow allows post-operative patients to comfortably elevate their knee while holding it in terminal extension, mitigating swelling and maximizing the opportunity for early knee motion.

Implementing the RIET Protocol using the LRU Pillow at your hospital or outpatient center ensures consistent, industry-leading results for knee surgery patients.


Better Pain Control


Minimal Swelling


Increase Practical Function


Faster and Fuller Recovery

Help Your Facility Set The Benchmark For Knee Surgery Success


Receive a Free Trial LRU Pillow

The educational materials and success metrics below, coupled with a complimentary LRU pillow will empower you to effectively demonstrate its advantages to your orthopedic surgeon and purchaser.

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Purchase LRU Pillows For Your Facility & Implement RIET Protocol

Use LRU Pillows at your facility to effectively implement the post-operative RIET Protocol.

Send each patient home with this essential tool and a RIET Protocol Packet upon discharge to facilitate a seamless continuation of optimal rehabilitation at home.


Lead the Industry

Like you, we are committed to the evolution of healthcare. Incorporating the LRU pillow into your patients’ post-operative care will enhance their recovery experience and elevate your standards of care. This implementation not only drastically improves the outcomes of your procedure,  but also aligns your hospital or center with the highest industry standards.

Hear from Dr. Matt, an Orthopedic Surgeon who has successfully implemented the RIET Protocol using the LRU Pillow at his hospital.

Providing The Best Knee Surgery Outcomes Is Reliant On Early Post-Operative Care

Swelling hinders patients from rehabbing their knee range of motion to the optimal degree for comfortably walking, going up stairs, lifting grandchildren, and returning to the life they love! Immediately following surgery, patients must follow the RIET Protocol to prevent edema before it’s too late.

The Resources You Need To Gain Team Buy-In And Seamlessly Implement The RIET Protocol Using The LRU Pilow

Powerpoint pitch

Utilize this PowerPoint to share the unparalleled results people see when the RIET Protocol and LRU Pillow become the standard of care.

implementation plan

Implementing RIET Protocol and the LRU Pillow into your facility is simple with this proven implementation plan.

lru pillow instructions

The LRU Pillow is designed for seamless integration into patient care, from right after surgery and throughout the Outpatient Rehabilitation/Physical Therapy and Long-Term Recovery phases. This ease of consistent use is a key factor in its success.


discovery research

We understand the importance of thoroughly researching the latest tools before implementing them at your hospital. We are committed to complete openness in our evidence-based solutions. Access our detailed research and results to make well-informed decisions with our proven knee rehabilitation tools and protocols.

“Our passion is to help patients achieve the best possible outcomes so they can be happy and return to the things they enjoy.”

Scott,  Knee Therapist and Co-Founder of the Knee Rehab Pros